Asian Street Meat: Mona

Mr. God
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Description: Mona works at the fingernail bar. She is good at doing fingernails and gets lots of work. All the street girls and night filth come to get their nails done by Mona. She earns a good living by it. She does not need to fuck for money. So it has taken me a really long time to convince her to do this video, I had to talk to her for more than half an hour. That is a record for me. But it was not too hard. Although she does not fuck for money, she really enjoys a good shag, is proud of her figure, and reckons that she fucks better than most of the professional street waif that cannot even do their own toes. So here is Mona, proudly on video.

Actors: Mona

Studio: Asian Street Meat

Categories: Asians, Teenagers 18+, Fetish