• 20 June 2020
    -UP- Video quality changed from 480px to 720px! Hello everyone!

    We changed the video quality from 480px to 720px.
    1. If you upload a movie with a quality lower than 720px, the quality will be equal to the original of the uploaded movie.
    2. If you upload a movie with a quality higher than 720px, the video quality...
  • 6 June 2020
    ParadiseHill server successfully moved! Guys, Girls Hello everyone!!!

    1. Our server has successfully moved,
    2. Registration of new Users is working again,
    3. Users who tried to register on June 5-6 and did not receive an email confirming their email address, please register again.

    We apologize for any inconvenience!

    All Good, Love, Sea of...
  • 5 June 2020
    Registration of new users is temporarily suspended! Hi Guys and Girls!

    Our server today moves to a new comfortable place. In this regard, there may be problems accessing the ParadiseHill website. Please be patient, tomorrow we will work in the same mode!

    We apologize for the inconvenience!

    Regards Mr. God!
  • 19 May 2020
    Hotmail blocked an entire subnet Hello Dear Bro'$ and Sis'$!

    We are in a hurry to share the news with you.
    On May 9, Hotmail blocked an entire subnet. ParadiseHill's IP address is in the blocking range.
    Apparently, SPAM was sent from certain IP addresses, and Hotmail does not really want to figure out which...
  • 19 March 2020
    Happy Problems! ! ! Please Read! Brothers and Sisters hello everyone!

    We update our equipment. We are improving our porn service!
    Thanks to the upgrade, we will have higher resolution videos! :)
    Isn't that great? :)

    But this news also carries bad news :(
    From 3 to 4 days, you may have difficulty viewing the video....
  • 10 December 2019
    Help PARADISEHILL get better! Brothers and Sisters Hello everyone!

    PARADISEHILL needs your help!

    Do you have favorite porn actress?
    If yes! I ask you to come up with a short description for your favorite porn star, about 150-200 characters.
    You can send a description in a telegram chat, or in the comments on the...
  • 31 December 2019
    ParadiseHill congratulate You a Happy New 2020 Year! Our Dear Friends!

    Happy New 2020 Year to You!!!
    I sincerely wish You! Strong Health, Love, Happiness, Good Luck, Wealth, Peace to You and Your family.

    Oh yeah!
    Personally to You!
    Lots unforgettable sex! Lots of new friends! New adventures, emotions! Enjoy Your life...

    Thank You for being with us! ...
  • 30 December 2019
    Uploading videos is restored! Hi Friends!

    Uploading videos is restored!
    We are waiting on you new porn movies!

    Regards, Mr. God!
  • 30 December 2019
    Video uploading temporarily does not work! Dear Friends!

    Video uploading temporarily does not work!
    As soon as the work is restored, we will inform you.
    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Regards, Mr. God!
  • 25 December 2019
    Merry Christmas To You! Dear Our Visitors!

    Please accept our congratulations!
    We wish you all good luck, happiness, love and lots of sex! Isn't sex the beginning of a new life?
    We heartily congratulate you on Christmas!
    Peace to you!

    Mr. God!
  • 16 October 2019
    Please upload scenes from porn movies to Telegram Chat! Hello my Dear Friends!

    You often upload scenes from porn movies. Unfortunately, ParadiseHill cannot accept scenes, only full-length porn films.
    Therefore, if you want to share interesting porn videos, upload them to our telegram chat. The button on the telegram chat is located in the upper right corner of your...
  • 10 December 2019
    READ ONLY GIRLS! Hello Girls!

    The first three girls subscribed to our chat channel in a telegram for 7 days, I will pay $ 10 for a bitcoin wallet!

    And just in case, a link to News Channel ParadiseHill!

    Regards, Mr. God!
  • 29 November 2019
    We have technical problems! Hi Brothers & Sisters!

    The video will not work for some time due to maintenance.
    We apologize for the inconvenience!

    Regards, Mr. God!
  • 26 November 2019
    Upload or Receive! Want to make money uploading porn movies? Write on e-mail
    Only after you write Support will your uploads begin to count...

    $ 0.30 for the first 50 films you post.
    $ 0.35 from your 51st movies and up.
    Further price may be higher. (We will discussed this separately)

  • 23 November 2019
    All huge greetings! Help ParadiseHill? Brothers and Sisters all a huge hello!

    I have a big request for you. We need each of you to leave as many comments, likes, dislikes. Why is this needed? So that search engines such as Google can see that the site is interesting to people. It will not be...
  • 18 October 2019
    ParadiseHill is now in Telegram!!! Dear Users, hello everyone!

    We want to share with you two good news:
    1. We opened the Telegram Channel! By subscribing to the channel you will not miss important news!
    You can subscribe by clicking on the link - Telegram Channel ParadiseHill

    2. We opened the Telegram Chat! In it...
  • 10 October 2019
    Sorry that the site has not been updated for a long time! Hello, Dear Users!

    We hasten to apologize to you for the fact that the ParadiseHill website has not been updated for a long time.

    We are alive and have come to you with renewed vigor, and with new content.

    Thank you for choosing ParadiseHill!

    Regards, Mr. God!
  • 8 September 2019
    Poll Do any of you read a description of porn movies before watching a video?

    Answer choices:
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. By mood
    4. What the fuck!