1. How do I download a porn movie?

For you to download your favorite movie, you need to install a plugin. Like Video Downloader Pro to your browser. With this plugin you should be able to download any video from any site.
2. If you have not received a link to confirm your account, it is fully recommended:

- Make sure you provide an existing adress.
- Check the "Spam" folder, most likely the letter lies there.

3. Would you like to order a porn movie, for us to add to our extensive library?

On page Order creation fill out the order form and wait for when your porn movie appears on ParadiseHill :)
4. Video not playing?

If you are unable to play a certain video. Try opening another browser (such as: Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc....) in order to play the video. If the video still does not play, then feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help you.
Just contact us though this email address, and tell us the following.
- What browsers did you try to open the video on?
- What device are you trying to play the video on?
- What operating system do you use?
Let's try to understand your problem together.

5. How much do you pay to upload porn movies?

The first payment is made with a minimum amount of $50.
The second and following payments are made with a minimum amount of $100.
Payment wil be received once a month on the 15th, for the previous month, to a bitcoin wallet.

For the uploading of a porn film made:
2021 you will receive - $0.25
2020 - 2017 you will receive - $0.15
2016 and older, you will receive - $0.05

If you want to make money, be sure to write to us in telegram.

Regards, Mr. God!
6. How much do you pay for a comment?

For each unique comment you receive $ 0.025.
Payment is made to a bitcoin wallet on the 15th, for the previous month.
The minimum transfer amount is $ 100

- The comment must be unique
- The comment should not be repeated
- The comment must be at least 13 words long
- We pay $ 0.025 for each unique comment
- Write the first 40 comments, after
- Tell us your login on the ParadiseHill website in telegram telegram or by email address

Regards, Mr. God!
For other questions, please contact us by email address or telegram.