Asian Street Meat: Gingen Anal

Mr. God
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Description: Firm fit brown fucker Gingen uses her anus because she knows guys enjoy fucking her asshole. She uses her mouth as a delicate sperm collector too. Guys enjoy dumping their load in her mouth. She satisfies men and accepts their gifts. Gratuities for gratification. Best job she has never had. Gingen really would not want to work for a living. And if her mind gave half a thought to the millions of city girls that get up early, she would feel sorry for them too. All she has to worry about is if her thick short mop of hair is brushed out. Then she can go get picked up by any guy that wants to use any of her three holes. Life is easy and so is Gingen. She smells good getting buggered too on HD video.

Actors: Gingen

Studio: Asian Street Meat

Release date: 2 April 2016

Categories: Asians, Teenagers 18+, Fetish, Anal Sex, BDSM