Asian Street Meat: Satick Anal

Mr. God
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Description: She has been noticed. The Illuminati do not tolerate publicity, and have excommunicated (or whatever they do) poor amenable Satick. Except they have not, they still like her as a gorgeous little fuck toy that does everything, so they are keeping her on, and letting her pubic hair grow longer. You have to be careful, there are assassins about. You can see this on the video, when Satick is in the corridor, waiting for me to answer the door, one of the Illuminati assassins walks by assessing the situation, a female assassin in black high heels and red leggings pretending to be a whore. You would not want that in your room would you? It would kill you by merely the looks of it. So luckily, I have got Satick. And I fuck her up the bum. Her pubic hair extends back up her ass crack and around her anus, which is wet and sticky from her vaginal mucous. She is a bloody nice anal fuck. Looks good, feels good, smells like sex. No wonder the world's leaders enjoy buggering her. Industrialists and politicians, their decisions are tempered by a good shag with a gorgeous sweet natured botty girl. Satick helps to shape the world. Her ass is a nice shape. You see them on TV with their wives next to them in their expensive designer outfits. But they don't fuck their wives. Or rarely. Everywhere they go in the world, the Illuminati provides super little anal fuck toys. Fuck that, I hope the fat killer is not going to knock down my door and jump on me while the camera is still running. But watch anal pubic hair girl Satick on high definition video.

Actors: Satick

Studio: Asian Street Meat

Release date: 1 May 2015

Categories: Asians, Teenagers 18+, Fetish, Anal Sex, BDSM