Asian Street Meat: Tristar

Mr. God
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Description: You know those old tristar aeroplanes? You would get a good ride on one of them. That was before all the cutbacks in service and new security considerations that make flying tedious. The stewardesses would bring you plenty of drinks, you could smoke as much as you wanted. On the plane. Do you remember that? You would get on at one end, fuck the destination, you would be pleased to enjoy the journey. Now I want you to meet Tristar. She ain’t no aeroplane. She has got firm tits, slim thighs and she gives you a good ride too. When you first get on, you wonder where you are going, but you soon get to enjoy the ride. A good looking blond Asian girl with fair skin and a natural tendency to open her long legs. Nothing to do with the aerospace industry, and you won’t want to fly home. Asian Street Meat. Straight off the runway, Tristar would be ready on the landing strip waiting to get picked up and fucked. She would do it in the arrival hall, she does it on video. Your in flight entertainment is Tristar. Three hundred customers per night. One hour layover and then giving good service again. All right, forget all the puns. But really, you should be fucking a girl like this.

Actors: Tristar

Studio: Asian Street Meat

Release date: 14 July 2016

Categories: Asians, Teenagers 18+, Fetish, BDSM

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Anthraxpudding 13 July 2017
ASIAN STREET MEAT series are all ways so much fun. They are filmed in a guerrilla handheld style. Making the whole video very immersive, almost like you are in the room with the actors watching the performance. This episode sees an actress called Tristar. This is one of the cutest actress to ever perform in arts of pornography. She is may look young, but she fucks like a sexual champion. The actor that is performing with her, may fold, bend, & pound her holes. But when you watch this performance it is obvious the actress Tristar is the one who is running this fuckfest. He can barely keep up with her. Tristar literally fucks circle around him. The actor has to slow this sexual force of nature down so he can finish the scene. It is very sad to see that happen, because the performance from Tristar is absolutely amazing. I would love to see her perform with a more seasoned male performer, one who could keep up with her sexual energy. (here is for hoping.) All said and done the ASIAN STREET MEAT series is not just for fans of Asian actresses. But for fans of sexual performances that feel real, and make you feel like you are in the same room. This truly is a seldomly achieved level of realism in the the pornographic arts. Cheers!