Max Hardcore Extreme 13

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Description: Euro version!!! Brandy. (16th video review). Max puts up a notice that this is actually her first ever video. (Max takes alot of time from shooting and releasing a video?). Lollipop. 'Hi, Mister'. Out- doors. Fingers her. No hands BJ. Anal & 2 fingers her. A2M. No hands BJ. Indoors on yellow sofa. 4 fingers her. Anal & dildo in front. No hands BJ. Anal rev cowgirl, upside down. Cums on her face in the upside down position. Cloey. Outdoors with brown sofa. Poses. Anal reverse cowgirl. More posing. 'Do you like my little asshole, Mister?'. Screwing. Ball sucking. No hands BJ upside down. Deep throat. Anal side saddle, on her back. No hands BJ. Open mouth facial. Maren. Indoors on yellow sofa. Max plays with her. Wearing glasses. Anal side saddle. Puts lipstick on her. Puts lipstick around her a-hole. Aanal side saddle, doggy position. A2M. No hands BJ. Stringers. No hands BJ reversed position. Rims Max. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Anal cowgirl riding, on her back, upside down. Cums on her in the upside down position, on her a-hole, her face & her glasses.

Actors: Brandy, Chloey Adams, Maren, Max Hardcore, Olivia

Director: Max Hardcore

Studio: Max Hardcore

Release date: 26 August 2000

Categories: Anal Sex, Teenagers 18+, Pissing, BDSM, Small Tits