Max Hardcore Extreme 10

Mr. God
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Description: Julianna Sterling is young, very pretty, thin and wants to be legitimate model. But Max has other ideas as he gets her over to his place, shaves her cunt bald, then fucks her in mouth, cunt and ass! Jade Marcella can't get enough abuse, so Max fucks her mercilessly up her throat and ass, and having her suck cum and water out of her gaping asspipe with a hose! She drinks the cum out of her ass! Channel is a new cunt who wants to be a model. She's pretty but not very bright. Max convinces the nervous slut that the way to succeed is to let him fuck her up the ass!

Actors: Channel Lockett, Jade Marcela, Julianna Sterling, Max Hardcore

Director: Max Hardcore

Studio: Max Hardcore

Release date: 1 January 1999

Categories: Fetish, Teenagers 18+, Pissing, Fisting, Anal Sex

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Anthraxpudding 23 March 2018
Max is the perfect example of "It is not the size that matters, it is how you use it.". It is like someone made fun of his dick size, then a friend told him that saying to make him feel better. Being Max he just took it and gave us the best, and most extreme porn series ever. In other porn series, you watch them to see the actress strip down naked. Spread her legs and get fucked. It is all about her, that is where the camera is. It is all about her. We watch it to see her. After all she is in the box cover, she is the Star. Not here, she may be on the box cover, but so is Max. This is his movies, we are her still here to she the girls spread their legs and get fucked. But they are not the Star here Max is, they are just a footnote in these stories. We watch them to see Max. We watch them to see Max spread the girls legs, not her. We watch them to see Max throat fuck the girl, not her sucking his dick. We watch them to see Max fuck the girl, not the girl fuck Max. We watch it to see Max fuck the girls ass, not the girl getting her ass fucked. It is raw, it is hardcore, it is savage, it is degrading, and it is absolutely beautiful at times. A truly perfect example of degradation art. Pulling absolutely no sexual punches and showcasing the sexual beauty of a savage in control. A savage taking all that he wants in a sexual fantasy that rotates around him, and him alone