Max Hardcore Extreme 9

Mr. God
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Description: Max needs a new cock-socket, so he holds cheer-leader tryouts. Leanni volunteers, but instead of cheerleading, Max shows the tiny-titted, 85-pound fuck-hole the finer points of spreading her legs and taking his hard cock up her tight ass! Max butt-fucks her while shaving her pussy, then cums like a fire-hose into her pretty face and mouth! Go, Max, Go! Aspen found out what Max did to her step-daughter Melody, who's not even five-feet tall, and swears to get even. But Max turns the tables on her and fucks Melody in front of her. Max even ass-fucks the step-mom! But she's late for a PTA meeting, so Max finishes up with Melody before blasting her face with cum! Max is lurking around the local park, where he finds school-slut Anastasia in the toilet. He face fucks the startled slut in a stall, before taking her home and reaming her ass while ripping open her hairless pussy! It's brutal the way Max throat fucks her until she nearly pukes on his cock before cumming all over her face!

Actors: Anastasia Blue, Aspen Brock, Eve, Leanni Lei, Max Hardcore, Melody Love

Director: Max Hardcore

Studio: Max Hardcore

Release date: 7 December 1999

Categories: Fetish, Teenagers 18+, Classics, Anal Sex