Anal Adventures Of Max Hardcore 13: Hombre

Mr. God
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Description: You know Max Hardcore asthe infamous bad-boy of porn. He's the guy who takes new girls he meets to the limit of sexual extremes- and then way beyond! This time we find our hero in the dangerous city of Sao Paolo, Brazil- made even more dangerous by his presence! Look into a gaping asshole as it gets repeatedly reamed my Max’s dick! Watch as Max stuffs his cock so far down a girls’ throat that she almost gags – and then does it again! Max stretches these girls open and reveals their most secret parts like no one else ever did – or had the balls to! It’s definitely extreme. Max Hardcore is one bad hombre!

Actors: Glaucia Nunes, Max Hardcore, Stephanie Swift, Susie Mercedes or Suzzy Rio

Director: Max Hardcore

Studio: Max Hardcore

Release date: 31 March 1995

Categories: Classics, Anal Sex