Oral Offense 3

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Description: SinDrive presents over an hour of the hottest, glammed up girl who want to take cock all the way down their throats in their latest release: "Oral Offense: Blowbang Business". Get ready for a whole lot of blasting sperm covering these drooling, high-class harlots who want an enormous cock to gag on. So, open wide for what's cumming! Gagging, Drooling, Spitting, Leather, High Class, Gangbang, Ripped Clothes! Suzen Sweet is walking home from work when a driver notices her really struggling in her high heels. He pulls over, and asks her if she needs a lift. Suzen lifts up her leather skirt, showing she's totally naked underneath her fishnet hose. But he's not interested in her pussy, and puts his thick dick between her lips, instead. Suzen gags and sputters, drooling all over his dick, as he thrusts it deep into her throat. Laying her across the hood of his luxury sedan, this stranger starts to face-fuck her for real, making her gasp for air. He blows his load deep into the back of her mouth, and Suzen starts to gag again, but he cups his hands over her mouth until she swallows amidst her muffled pleas. Kayla Green is head of the Admin department at a prestigious firm. She's made it clear to the girls that they'll have to do anything they're asked, to prove how much they want the job, then work to keep it. Just as she's nearing the end of interviewing her two highly eligible candidates for the position, the boss comes in, unzips his trousers, and introduces his erection for Kayla to service. Dolly Diore and Kittina Ivory watch, their pussies watering through their high-class business suits, as Kayla takes the boss' dick deep into her throat. After HR director Kayla Green shows two candidates for a position how to service the boss' cock the way he likes it - balls deep down the throat - brunettes Dolly Diore and Kittina Ivory prove just how much they want the job by taking turns swallowing the boss' knob into their own throats. Kayla supervises as Dolly and Kittina lick and suck while on their knees, their mascara running down their cheeks from gagging on his huge erection, each trying to outperform the other. When the boss says he appreciates their teamwork, Dolly and Kittina swap his sperm back and forth between their lips, and they both get the job, well done! Sexy boss lady Meg Magic takes a walk around the property to find out what's keeping her assistant, Kira Queen, from the office. Meg finds Kira, on her knees, surrounded by the groundskeeper crew. Kira's got a cock shoved down her throat, and several more lined up awaiting their turn. Meg's pussy waters instantly, and she rushes up the hill as fast as her high heels will let her, unbuttoning her blouse, and opening her mouth to share in the face-fucking and rich cum rewards.

Actors: Dolly Diore, Kayla Green, Kira Queen, Kittina Ivory, Meg Magic, Suzen Sweet

Studio: Eromaxx Films

Release date: 14 ноября 2017

Categories: Blowjob, Fetish, Orgies