Oral Offense 2

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Description: When it comes to these obedient office workers, its clear why they have the affection of the bosses at work. Never before has an employee been called into his private office so many times, so the other workers are starting to speculate whether or not he has a mistress in, "Oral Offense 2," an account of all the nasty happenings that occur at the workplace. Athina Love gives a great blowjob, and that's why her boss is always calling her into his office. She makes sure to keep her hairy up at all times, because the last thing she wants to do is have her bangs get in the way of her fellatio. That would certainly result in her termination, so she does her best to impress Mr. Black until he's ready to cum on her face and send her out. Timea Bela makes sure to show her boyfriend why he should keep her at his place with daily blowjobs. He takes a hold of her ponytail and shoves his cock right into her mouth so she can start sucking, and it doesn't take long for Timea to make her man cum. There's no way he's releasing his load anywhere but her face, and he hopes it hits her eye when his cum shot emerges from his penis head. Amirah Adara always sucks cock well under pressure, so her master makes sure to threaten to fire her if she ever use teeth during oral sex. Every morning he has her serve him on the steps before he has her breakfast, so in addition to preparing his meal for the upcoming day of work, she most also be his submissive cum dump and open up whenever he whips it out. Jenny Simons is tired of getting her pussy stuffed with cock, so lately she's only been letting her boyfriends fuck her face. They may have more intense thrusts for her mouth than they ever have before, but wrapping her teeth and keeping her hole as soft as possible has never been so crucial for Jenny. One second of teeth, and she could lose a client forever!

Actors: Amirah Adara, Athina Love, Jenny Simons, Timea Bela

Studio: Eromaxx Filmsx Films

Release date: 4 декабря 2016

Categories: Blowjob, Fetish