Max Faktor 8

Mr. God
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Description: Asia Blonde and Catalina - I'm at the huge Barcelona Sex Expo, where Catalina and me find Ms. Nude Poland, Asia Blondi. She's got a great body, and is such a whore she doesn't mind getting used and abused for a few hundred Euros! Kami Andrews - Kami came all the way from Ohio to be a model, but I'm just looking for a fuck-hole for my next movie! I show the big titted fuck-slut how they model here in L.A. Penelope - Penelope came from Florida to get into the movies, but with her skinny body and braces, she's only good for one thing. Being a hot little fuck-toy who I anally destroy in short order!

Actors: Asia Blondi, Catalina, Kami Andrews, Max Hardcore, Penelope

Director: Max Hardcore

Studio: Max Hardcore

Release date: 6 May 2004

Categories: Fetish, Teenagers 18+, Pissing, Anal Sex, BDSM