Max Faktor 16

Mr. God
Views: 175443

Description: It's a gang bang party at Max's house, when fans invade his place and pile on Layla and Hailey Young! Special appearance by Brandon Irons! Layla brings over Krissy to play and we turn her into an ass-reamed teen- queen! Check out what we can't show you at our website MaxHardcore!

Actors: Hailey Young, Kelly Wells, Krissy Kay, Layla Rivera, Max Hardcore

Director: Max Hardcore

Studio: Max Hardcore

Release date: 16 April 2005

Categories: Fetish, Teenagers 18+, Pissing, Anal Sex, BDSM

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Anthraxpudding 2 January 2018
A fantastical romp down the Max Hardcore rabbithole. Max literally pulls everyone of his extremely hardcore degrading tropes out, as he "explores" his sexy little actresses. A truly fun, very messy, and most definitely not for everyone piece of pornographic art.
twistyman237 23 October 2016
Max really treats these slut well and the puke so nicely.
kingofmars 27 August 2015
I've been looking for this one for awhile. Kelly Wells in one of her best scenes ever.