Diary Of а Madman 2: Working The New Pet

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Description: In Episode 2 of “Diary of a Madman,” Victoria Voxxx finds herself trapped with her obsessed admirer, with no hope in sight. As she toils in captivity – gagged, flogged, electrified, whipped, and tied up – a million questions run through her panicked head. What are this madman’s intentions? And why her specifically? Her first night comes to a close, and as a new day begins, it’s evident that Victoria’s about to get more answers than she suspected. But she will not give up resisting…or so she thinks.

Actors: The Pope, Victoria Voxxx

Director: The Pope

Studio: Kink

Release date: 2 December 2020

Categories: BDSM, Teenagers 18+, Actresses, Small Tits