Diary Of a Madman: The Hunt

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Description: In Episode 1 of this exclusive, Kink.com 4-part series, directed by JohnPaul “The Pope”, Victoria Voxxx has finally met her match. Victoria’s a beautiful, independent young woman living a happy life, even if she mostly keeps to herself. She wakes on a beautiful, sunny day, and goes about her morning routine, unaware that she’s being observed. Wherever she goes, she’s under the watchful gaze of a creepy stranger. But this stranger thinks his infatuation is harmless, and in Victoria’s ignorance, she thinks an “accidental” encounter with him is innocent, though they are both wrong. He captures her in her own home and torments her, teasing her nipples and playing mind games with her, pulling her into his little world of obsession, compulsion, domination, and submission!

Actors: The Pope, Victoria Voxxx

Director: The Pope

Studio: Kink

Release date: 25 November 2020

Categories: BDSM, Feature Films, Teenagers 18+, Actresses, Small Tits