Transsexual Cheerleaders 4

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Description: Let's be honest... cheerleaders are irresistible! Every time they kick or do the split, it immediately makes you want to fuck them! But it doesn't mean they want to fuck you. Now these tantalizing Tranny Cheerleaders will fuck you immediately! Right after they do the splits, they'll lift their shirts and split your ass cheeks with their hard girl-cocks and shove their stiff she-dicks down your throat! If you love cheerleaders then you'll go absolutely insane for this perverted, promiscuous pep squad. Go trannies!!

Actors: Ariel Everitts, Astrid Shay, Carmen Moore, Hazel Tucker, Jesse, Sasha Ligaya

Studio: Devil's Films

Release date: 22 февраля 2010

Categories: Gays / Bi / Trance