The Last House On The Right

Mr. God
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Description: Nina (Whitney Wright) suggests to her school friend Ashley (Eliza Jane) they check out this condemned lot at the end of her street, but Ashley is worried about them trespassing. Once inside, they start drinking and taking pictures. Bored, they try on their new bikinis and Nina tries to sneak a photo of Ashley changing as a joke. The girl freaks out and runs around the corner to avoid the photo. She trips over something and falls crashing to the floor. They both look down to see a homeless man unconscious on the floor. Nina decides to sit on him and take pictures but the man, dazed and surprised, stammers inaudibly as he clutches her. She pleads for him to let them just leave but he laughs and tells her it has been awhile since he was inside a woman. Nina, mouth full of cock, urges her friend to get down on her knees and help her out.

Actors: Chad Alva, Cody Steele, Dillion Harper, Eliza Jane, Whitney Wright

Director: Bree Mills

Studio: Pure Taboo

Release date: 5 March 2019

Categories: Teenagers 18+, Feature Films