Teenage Deluxe 2

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Description: With their tight, young bodies, these teens are horny and aching to find out what all the fuss is about! They're going to suck and fuck until they finally figure it out, even if it takes all day!

Actors: Ivy, Zuzanna, Yanie, Adeline

Studio: My Peach Productions

Release date: 30 июня 2017

Categories: Russian Porno, Teenagers 18 +, Anal Sex

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Anthraxpudding 24 августа 2017
TEENAGE DELUXE 2 is the very definition of what beautiful pornography is. We are given 4 completely gorgeously sexy teenage girls to admire and lust after. The first young lady so sultry looking. Her short curly brown hair with highlights only seems to add to her sexy sultriness. The sultry young lady then treats us to a solo scene. That leaves no curve, sweet spot or petite little hole left unexplored by the camera's eye or her silver dildo. After her we are give 3 good old fashion boy on girl action at it's most pornographically beautiful. The second young lady is petite and skinny raven hared beauty with her hair in two sexy braids. She is so very beautiful with her young girl features shining like a candle. Her sexual performance is passionate and slow, with no hole off limits. Our 3rd young lady is petite little brunette in twin ponytails. This young lady has a stellar pair of gorgeous little titties. Watching her face during her performance is a lesson ladies pleasure. (Part 2: 19:25-21:54). This is a beautiful sexual scene, pure pornographic art captured on film. The 4th and last teenage girl we are treated to is easily the youngest looking, and the most sexy. She is a blonde very fair skinned beauty with tiny little girl titties. She treats us to a sensual massage that ends with her the majority of her performance on her face getting herself ridden from behind. It is so beautiful seeing her sexy little cream colored ass getting enjoyed by her male performer. (part 3 22:45-24:53) Every last scene in TEENAGE DELUXE 2 is an artful expression to the beauty of a young ladies body and it getting sexually enjoyed. Please enjoy, and tell me your favorite of the young actresses in this collection.
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teenlover 25 августа 2017
THanks for the tip, its a great vid. Girl no. 2 is the best, small titties, nice round ass and all holes used.
Anthraxpudding 25 августа 2017
Since you liked this one so much, try the movie BUSH 2. (Full of Beautiful lovely young ladies).