Sweethearts Special 26: Tiny Titties

Mr. God
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Description: Not all of us like girls with a DD cup: Some real connoisseurs prefer the maidens whose tits are but a small handful. Small, budding, delicate and still very sensitive, tiny titties have a fan base of their own and for them this very special film was made!

Actors: Aimee, Angela, Anne, Barbara, Carina, Leyla, Liza, Vikki

Categories: Russian Porno, Teenagers 18+

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Anthraxpudding 16 August 2017
If you love cute, tight, tiny, young looking girls with cute itty bitty titties, then SWEETHEARTS SPECIAL 26: TINY TITTIES is a must watch. The young actresses are so very adorable, that one cannot help but get aroused while watching their sexual performances. This movie is just filled with beautiful sex. It is sex that is all about enjoying your partner, and it is beautiful to see. No degradation, belittling, or humiliating. Just pure sexual joy. Cheers!