Sticky Butts

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Description: When they're butts are this wet, you know they've taken a few loads earlier that day. See them put out for all the dudes around in this celebration of sloppy anal sex. Don't think these models aren't glamorous, because only the sexiest tropical sluts made their way to the top, and that includes spots in this exclusive feature, Sticky Butts. Vayana knew she would do well in the tropics as a hooker, because she's got that exotic look, and an insatiable sex drive that never runs out, leaving her thirsty for cum and hungry for cock at all times. This pair of tourists uses her ass on some rocks by the beach, and after fucking her anus and cumming on her face, they ditch her and head back to the festivities. Nataly Lancaster has never said no to someone who asked for anal sex, because she believes in giving the customer everything he wants, and since he tipped her in the beginning like a nice gentleman, and she's got no other clients to tend to, she spreads her legs and lets him rail her butt hole right there in his car. Dona Bell can't keep her butt hole dry for nothing, because she's a regular at the hotel down the street where plenty of dudes are looking for fun. Its right by a strip club, and she's been known to perform there in the past, so when the word gets out that Dona is in town, everyone's texting her, trying to get a second of anal fun with the slutty cunt. Zidlicka Eva is all about giving pleasure to men, so she makes sure to keep her body in perfect shape, as well as have it waiting for Jason when he comes home from his profitable fishing business on the island they've decided to settle on. She's his little blonde queen, and after a long day of sweaty work in the tropics, her butt hole makes the perfect tension reliever. Kyra Black loves putting dildos in her hole before her husband comes home, because that way, her holes are loose and ready to go as soon as he walks in the door. Long gone are the days of making him wait on the couch and then coming back to a nut that's already been bust because he was looking at porn while she got ready. Now she's more prepared than ever, and he ends up shooting his jizz all over her painted face harder than ever before! Sue just got locked up for being a little troublemaker, and she's already getting into more behind the bars. Her mates are a pair of horny dudes with washboard abs and big boners ready to give her that creamy snack she loves, so she thanks herself for not eating today and keeping that booty clear, as Tim and Dan need a smooth run way to land their giant logs.

Actors: Dona Bell, Kyra Black, Nataly Lancaster, Sue, Vayana, Zidlicka Eva

Studio: Paradise Film

Release date: 24 сентября 2017

Categories: Anal Sex, All Sex