Sexual Healing

mr. god
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Description: Explicit Empire treats you to some Sexual Healing! You'll sit through over two hours of thorough examinations while these naughty and horny doctors treat the inflammation in your cock using standard bio equipment: oral thermometers, pressure titty cuffs, and pussy injections! You'll feel better in no time! A generally healthy man comes into the clinic, saying he's having a hard time breathing. In order to test his theory, horny Dr. Harmony Reigns takes his breath away when she bares her big tits and starts sucking his cock. she tests his stamina by instructing him to pound her pussy harder and faster before checking his oxygen saturation between her massive mammaries during the titty fuck test. Slutty Dr. Kayla Green's patient has a sprained wrist from masturbating too much. Showing him some alternative methods to obtain pleasure, she sucks his long rod, right there on the examination table, and then proves to him that pussy is the best medicine of all! And that feet, instead of always using his hand, can be a great masturbatory tool, too! Sexy Dr. Lexi Dona comes home to find her hubby's not feeling well. After a thorough examination, discovering his hardening cock beneath the sheets, Lexi takes a look with her lips. He slips her glasses off, and removes all of her clothes, leaving only the nude stockings on, then penetrates her shaved pussy, leaving a creampie behind! When her patient complains about not being able to focus his eyes on anything, naughty Dr. Leigh Darby gets his attention with her huge tits! She checks his vitals with her mouth and hands, then treats the raging inflammation of his cock with her smooth, shaved pussy. Once he's cummed all over her huge knockers, sexy Dr. Leigh measures his seminal output and tastes it for health!

Actors: Eva Parcker, Harmony Reigns, Kayla Green, Leigh Darby, Lexi Dona

Studio: Explicit Empire

Release date: 8 March 2017

Categories: All Sex, Fetish