Secrets of Ladies' Intim

Mr. God
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Description: Disguise of beauties on the nature, supervision under short skirts. Supervision over shorts at girls sitting on steps in public places (at cultural sights). Disguise of the girl who have hidden behind a heap of fire wood. Peeping from a basement for two young children in short skirts which imprudently hang out near to a window. Сказ how a handbag of the girl have hung up highly on a branch of a tree and to it it was necessary to climb and remove it, and shorts under a short skirt at the girl weren't. Another changed clothes also as a forehead about a sharp branch of a tree was knocked. And other girl in a shower washed also the boobs a bast rubbed. And then as aunts on a beach sunbathed - one without brassieres, others with brassieres, but it is even more exciting. And here the girl who has undressed in wood and hangs on a log. Then another sunbathes. Then one more puts on shorts.

Director: Sergey Loginov

Studio: Strawberry

Release date: 19 August 2006

Categories: Russian Porno