Public Disgrace: Walk Of Shame

Mr. God
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Description: Silvia Rubi is back with two ready and willing slut slaves to parade and humiliate around town. Julia Roca and Alexa Nasha crawl on their hands and knees in a public disgrace walk of shame! The huge crowd gasps at these two beautiful perky whore's amazing nude bodies. The duo are dragged too a crowded and rowdy club, where they are both tied up in rope bondage suspension and made to fuck and suck and take whatever comes their way! The bar turns into a huge fuckfest as patrons get naked and start wildly getting in on the fun. HUGE cum loads finally get drenched on Julia and Alexa's gorgeous faces.

Actors: Alexa Nasha, Julia Roca

Studio: Kink

Release date: 10 October 2014

Categories: Public Sex​, Lesbians, Fetish, Orgies, BDSM