Plugs, Plugs, And More Plugs!

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Description: The inflatable plug is my favorite. I love feeling every pump filling my pussy more and more until it gets so tight I feel like it’s going to burst! Even though the inflatable plug is my favorite, soon it’s time for an upgrade. My boyfriend pulls out the blue plugs and I know it’s time to really stretch. It’s a little scary at first because they are so huge but once it’s inside of me… There’s no way to describe how great the fullness feels. Then I spend the rest of the day with the black plug inside of me – No one knows it’s inside me! (except us)

Actors: Goldilocksfist

Studio: Goldilocksfist

Release date: 19 января 2017

Categories: Fisting, Masturbation, Amateur Porno, Fetishists, Actresses