Personal Assistants

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Description: Being a personal assistant means attending to every need that the boss may have, and the girls in this film have been hand selected through weeks of auditions and trials. The dudes don't want just any girl for, "Personal Assistant," because the asses in question must be used to getting penetrated by huge cocks, because these bosses get a lot of work done throughout the day and need a tight warm place to release a day's worth of tension, sometimes even twice a day! Angie Koks didn't know exactly what he meant when he said personal assistant, but now that a thick load of semen is dripping out of her freshly fucked and loosened ass hole, its all coming together. Being a white blonde girl means not catching on to things as fast as she would like, but this boss isn't letting her petite anus go anywhere without getting creamed once again. Lola Taylor is the new personal assistant at the Strokes manner, and she's doing her best to keep her position as the number one cum dump. Her butt hole takes a lot of loads throughout the week, so they help her butt stay lubricated for when it comes time to squat down and get stuffed full of cock once again. Melanie Gold has a butt hole that hasn't been without cum for more than a few days recently, because she's been getting railed in the ass by her new boss. The personal assistant job is going swimmingly, as a new load of semen gets deposited into her behind after a long day of hard work following him around and attending to all his needs. Foxy Di has always wanted to be someone's personal assistant, and now that she's found a wealthy man with a personality she can stand being around, nothing is stopping her from getting her dress off and his big cock shoved right up her tight anus where she knows he won't be able to take it out until he releases a load of semen. Liona Shy is the new personal assistant at the Lexington apartment, and her first duty is to put out. She gets down on the ground where she can suck off Charlie and give him a nice view of her full breasts that jiggle around to the beat of her blowjob. Soon she's ready to take it from behind, so she gets on all fours, and lets her new boss mount her just like nature intended.

Actors: Angie Koks, Foxy Di, Liona Shy, Lola Taylor

Studio: Explicit Empire

Release date: 14 ноября 2016

Categories: Anal Sex, Teenagers 18+, Russian Porno