Pantyhose Solo Girls: Akira Lane 2

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Description: Lovely Akira is back wearing a red lace minidress with shiny brown PH and open toe platform slides! Sitting back she talks to you as she crosses and poses her legs before kicking off her shoes to slide her sexy legs and feet together. Slipping the heels on she crosses and uncrosses her legs and slides them together as she smiles and talks to you giving peeks at her cotton panel. Standing up she poses and bends over and models over the camera nice and slow where we can see a wet spot on her cotton panel. Next she tries on high red patent pumps for more great bending over, posing and leg crossing. Taking off her dress she shows off her awesome body and legs nice and slow in a variety of great positions. Slipping off the heels she teases a bit more till she takes off her PH to try on shiny beige open crotch suspender style PH with high black pumps! Posing on the bed she shows off her gorgeous ass and pussy as she talks a little dirty. Kicking off the heels she talks dirty some more as she slides her legs and feet together and rubs at her pussy. Slipping the heels on she poses a bit more till the end. 52 minutes, nudity. Watch free porn online on! Porno stars: Akira Lane

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