Naughty Little Nymphos 7

Mr. God
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Description: Naughty Girls Who Like to Get Fucked!BRBR Stepdaddy Stole My PantiesBR Kristina will never forget what happed on the night of her 18th birthday. The night she caught her stepdad masturbating and sniffing her panties.BRBR Violet's Boy ToyBR Violet is a funny little thing. She loves to play with her pee pee all day long. And she keeps her boy toy tied up in her attic. Sure hope her daddy never goes up there.BRBR When A Stranger CallsBR Jodie is interrupted from her studies by a very strange man who pops up in her backyard. Poor little thing wets her panties and brings the nice man in to clean up her mess.BRBR Get Out of My PondBR The new pond in Mr Swanson's backyard looked so inviting that little Aurora just had to go play in it. Boy does she get into trouble. How will she ever get out of this predicament?

Actors: Aurora Snow, Brian Surewood, Don Hollywood, Jay Ashley, Jodie Moore, Kevin, Mark Cummings, Noname Jane, Skarlet Fever

Director: Jim Powers

Studio: Notorious

Release date: 10 October 2001

Categories: Teenagers 18+, All Sex