My Dad, Your Dad 3

Mr. God
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Description: When Jane turns 18, she is forced to move out of her foster parents home. Begrudgingly she begins to look for a new apartment but her crush on her foster dad keeps her distracted from being too proactive. Unfortunately, because her attraction is too forbidden to ever fully admit to, Jane escapes into stories she finds online at her favorite site, Through the websites she discovers that she`s not the only young woman lusting after a forbidden man in her life. As her arousal grows, reading a variety of exploits from other women, Jane decides to reach out to a man she met on the site who wrote about his own attraction towards his former foster daughter. Jane thinks that this man might be able to provide the best possible advice to her for admitting her attraction and give her the confidence to make a move. But, as Jane and this mysterious stranger make a date to discuss their forbidden desires - Jane soon learns that things are not always as they seem.

Actors: Gia Derza, Jane Wilde, Mark Wood, Paige Owens, Petra Blair, Ryan McLane

Director: Jacky St. James

Studio: Sweet Sinner

Release date: 28 August 2019

Categories: Teenagers 18+, Small Tits