Merlin And Co Pump The Plumpers 2

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Description: Self employed studs Merlin and Paul are back on the road again ready to take on jobs both big and small and taking every opportunity to fuck all the gorgeous BBWs they encounter. In the second of this series of adventures they get their hands on another three very insatiable and curvy British wives. Sweet Honey thinks she may have been burgled so our guys play detective and in a few minutes they are on right on top of her and the mystery is soon solved. Laura Louise is complaining about the noisy neighbors and our two investigators decide to make some noise with Louise in revenge and within minutes the house is rocking. Busty Cookie has our boys measuring up for some new carpets but they finish up measuring up Cookies curves instead then fix her up with a couple rolls up her front passage!

Actors: Busty Cookie, Laura Louise, Sweet Honey

Studio: Melon Juggler

Release date: 17 июля 2017

Categories: Fat, Mature, Fetishists, Big Boobs, Big Ass