Kemaco 8

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Description: Bang! Kemaco 8 takes your mind into twisted territory in 4 scenes of absolute mindless lust and the masked men who inspire these dark passions in the prettiest teens. Dungeons and restraints taint the innocent, with each scene becoming more voyeuristic. The house is dark, the curtains are drawn, and the barest of light is visible spotlighting this brunette as she stumbles into two hard cocks. The masked men who are waiting for her quickly remove her garments before helping themselves to her wet, willing shaved pussy and her drooling lips just begging for cum candy. The blonde whore in the cage is begging to be let out and roughly used. It's too much for her, watching the obedience training that her brunette cellmate is undergoing, her naked body rhythmically bending and thrusting to build the muscles to be the perfect fucking machine. Blondie wants to suck and fuck before her hunger for cum becomes anatomic. Blondes turn into cum starved zombies when they don't get enough man meat on a daily basis. The masked men are awaiting her approach, primed and lubed and pumped because they get to fuck a man-eater! Starting to look more human once she gets a taste of precum on her lips, this slut slurps up one cock at a time while her pussy and ass are pulverized. Once she's had her fill, the masked men coat her lips, tits and pussy with creamy cum, keeping them safe for another day! Knowing better than to approach an unmarked van, this sex starved slut is hoping to be abducted and used! She approaches the masked men in the van without caution, stripped bare, her big boobs aimed at the sky so that they'll see she isn't a threat, except to their cocks. After getting her fill in all her whore holes, this dirty blonde suck both of her masked lovers bone dry!

Studio: Bang Kemaco

Release date: 31 января 2018

Categories: Orgies, Anal Sex