Kemaco 15

Mr. God
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Description: Bang! helps you get away to exotic locales, and taste all the sexual flavors that a little vacation can offer! Kemaco 15 is full of gorgeous vistas and unique vacation spots, but the best features in any of them are the hot women who are ready to find the far reaches that pleasure can take them! Bon voyage!

In what ppears to be a spaceship, two hot sluts are about to launch into orgasmic orbit when they share one thick dick! Dias Dos Santos and Roxy Panther each get something a little extra, when their oral exchange skills become a deep anal probing. These sexy mature sluts prove that Earth girls aren't just easy, their horny holes will downright devour you!

Cover model Caylian Curtis only vacations at spas where she can spend the mornings in the mountains, meditating and masturbating. Her afternoons are then totally free to take advantage of any free cock floating around in the warm waters of the retreat. There's nothing wetter than a 69 in the pool, and thick dick deep in her dripping pussy on the deck! Sperm shakes are on the house.

Roxy Panther has got the hots for a local guy she meets on vacation. For Roxy, it wouldn't be paradise without a hot, muscular black man to bang her mindless! Getting down into the sand for some serious sex is a gritty fantasy come to life, as Roxy takes his thick dick deep into her always horny, always hungry pussy!

Marcia and her man take a long, romantic stroll along the beach before finding the perfect place to stop for a quick suck and fuck. The sun is intense, beaming down on their glistening bodies, as they take turns tasting their sexual organs. Needing more than just oral, Marcia gets his slick dick balls deep in her suntanned pussy when he fucks her five ways before letting her slurp down his sperm.

Actors: Alain Deloin​, Caylian Curtis, Roxy Panther, Yuri​, ​Marcia

Studio: BANG!

Release date: 18 March 2018

Categories: All Sex