Kemaco 12

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Description: Whether your office is in a cubicle, or you work in a spa, there's always a time and a place for some sexual satisfaction! Lauryn May fucks every guy in her office- it is her dream job, after all! But the employees at the local sauna also like to get theirs in- and never back down from the offer to penetrate all holes possible! Lauryn May just can't get enough sex at the office. She's working her way up to seducing her hot new boss, using her coworkers to prelube all of her holes before she heads up to his office. In the meantime, Lauryn's coworker will work just fine, as she stretches open her jaws giving him a great blowjob. He fills her hungry pussy nicely, but she can't get enough of his sweet tasting precum, and decides to go back to oral to get the full taste of his load. While Divinity Love is getting it on lezzie style with another sauna patron, Barbie Banks is watching through the security camera. Barbie's coworker comes in, and she shows him what she's watching and masturbating to. He gets hard and horny, also, so he and Barbie get into all her holes while Divinity love is still eating pussy in the steam room. Talk about a sexxxy spa! Boroka Bolls is a regular patron at the local sauna. One day, she meets one of the hot staff members enjoying a steam. She's in the mood, already, and seeing his naked form makes Boroka wet. At first, he agrees to let her suck his cock. But then he needs her more badly than he imagined, and Boroka opens her ass to him, mounting his throbbing dick as she impales herself on it! Finishing him off with a blowjob seems most hygienic, as she swallows all the evidence! Lauryn May has the hots for her boss. She figured out the best way to seduce him, since he wasn't picking up on her casual flirting, was to come into his office after work and start masturbating right in front of him. Offering to suck his erect cock, Lauryn then spread her legs to take his aching cock into both her pussy and ass! Loving anal, Lauryn came several times before finishing her boss with her mouth.

Studio: Bang Kemaco

Release date: 22 декабря 2017

Categories: All Sex