Intimacy 11

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Description: Max gets his girls hot and horny one more time! They do all the deviant things they want to, living out their lust in front of his camera. Five fresh new scenes with beautiful, horny women living out their erotic fantasies from the comfort of their own homes! When this brunette calls her husband home for lunch, she greets him wearing nothing but the white lace lingerie she wore on their wedding night. He knows he's in for a treat when she unbuckles his belt and slips her wet lips around his thick dick. Eating her pussy to make sure she's more than wet enough to take the arousal she's caused in him, this husband then gives her all the deep pussy penetrations she can handle. He's surprised, but obliges her request for him to pull out and place his sweet, sticky load all over her firm ass. All it takes is a few passionate and gentle kisses to get Tori Fox in the mood. Her blonde boyfriend softly seduces her, but she's in the mood to be much more brazen than usual. She pushes him onto the sofa, and begins sucking his thick dick until his need to be inside her tight teen pussy is too urgent. After their first climax, he carries her to the bedroom for round two of Tori riding him until she gets back onto her knees to catch all his cum in her mouth. Sonia Sweet has a secret dream of being a musician- but she isn't very good. Her lover has found that the only way to get her to stop is by coming into the office and offering her his hard dick. Sucking her lover's cock is something Sonia deeply enjoys doing, and it isn't long before she's bent over, taking his thick dick from behind. He lays his seed all over her ass, which means she'll have to leave her keyboard to go clean up. This blonde is always trying to convince her balding lover that she still finds him sexy. Using all the tricks up a woman's sleeve, she seduces him every chance she gets. Taking turns giving each other oral sex, she then mounts him and climaxes for him several times before sucking every last drop of cum from his dick. The sweet, fleeting first days of domestic bliss often inspires new couples to "break in" their new place by having sex in every room. This curly blonde beauty is primed and ready to play after her morning cup of coffee! Taking her man's cock into her mouth, right there in the kitchen, she sucks him until his always eager cock is ready to go so much deeper into the treasure of her pussy. Putting her against the counter, he pumps into her until he pulls out and creams her sweet tits.

Actors: Akita, Sofia, Sonia Sweet, Tori Fox

Director: Max Jerkoff 

Studio: Paradise Film

Release date: 7 сентября 2016

Categories: Russian Porno, Teenagers 18+