Jack Et Lili Font Un Porno

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Description: An optimistic young woman (played by the effervescent Milka Manson) lives as a happy couple along with her boyfriend, but one fine morning,he gets fired from his job. She then begins to seek new employment. After numerous unsuccessful attempts, she finally ends up getting an appointment. Only by going there does she realize with astonishment that the boss is actually a famous porn film producer and the business he proposes is that of adult entertainment. Will she accept this indecent proposal or return to unemployment? And how is her boyfriend going to react.

Actors: Cecilia Vega, Ian Scott, Milka Manson, Phil Hollyday, Tony Carrera, Vicky Vicci

Director: Fred Coppula

Studio: Max Antone

Release date: 12 июля 2010

Categories: Feature Films, All Sex