Hard Tied: Neck Tied

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Description: Lydia Black is in a world of trouble. She let Matt tie her up and you know how he likes to treat the girls he ties up. She's tied tightly to a box with her pussy exposed and her clothes are removed. He tiny nipples are quickly subjected to the heavy flogger. Except Matt doesn't get quite the reaction he expected. Instead of screams of fear and pain Lydia moans and writhes. Methinks she likes it. Her thin sexy body is wrapped tightly to the post. She wriggles and pulls, but she's going nowhere. Matt expertly whips her as she whimpers and purrs. It's time for some flog or tickle game. He'll flog her till she begs to be tickled and then tickle her till she begs to be flogged. When she's fully worked over he kicks the box out from under her and she hangs to the post. Sending girls on a sybian ride is one of Matt's favorite activities. Lydia gets a ride and a good one at that. She's tied in an ultra strict strappado. Her nipples are clamped with heavy weights. An Insex mask covers her face with a giant gag in her mouth. The vibrating between her legs sends her ever closer to orgasm, but Matt won't let it happen easy. She's gotta work for it.

Actors: Lydia Black

Studio: Hard Tied

Release date: 19 июля 2017

Categories: BDSM, Teenagers 18 +

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Anthraxpudding 21 августа 2017
In this episode of HARD TIED we are given the pleasure of seeing Lydia Black fully and completely tired up and degraded. First off I just want say how beautiful Lydia Black is. She has such a sweet innocent looking face. A full head of raven black hair, kept in a ponytail. Then there is her body. So sexy and skinny. With breast that are tiny, firm, and topped with some of the most pretty little nipples you can see. This whole video is a true love letter as to how sexy and beautiful she is. Every bondage she goes through just accents just how beautiful she is. Lydia Black I don't know if you will ever read this comment, but if you do. I just want to tell you how very beautiful you are, and thank you for doing this video.