Girl Next Door Bound And Machine Fucked And Sybian

Mr. God
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Description: It's been brought up over the years how much most of you love bondage and fucking machines, so today we begin a new chapter. We are adding bondage to the shoots to intensify the orgasm, as well as give the fans that don't like torment or other participants, but love bondage something too! We begin with the innocent and sexy Kristen Scott. She loves to be tied up and fucked, so why not let her be the first? We let her get her pussy warmed up with our new vibe, and then we add the ropes to ensure her helplessness. The first position is a traditional hogtie on a wooden table. The machine is slid into her dripping wet pussy and then the fun begins. We keep ramping up the speed and intensity of the fucking, and then we add a nice surprise by fucking her mouth at the same time. She is more than eager to do her best at shoving it down her own throat. Next we flip her over and have her in a face-up, spread position with her neck tied to the table so that she chokes herself when she tries to watch the machine power fuck her pussy. Once she has reached the point of being overwhelmed, we add a vibe to her pussy to blow her fucking mind. We finish with a fan favorite: the sybian! The vibration shakes every bone in her petite little body as it makes her pussy cum uncontrollably. It's clear that we are off to a good start!

Actors: Kristen Scott

Director: The Pope

Studio: Kink

Release date: 7 November 2018

Categories: Masturbation, Fetish, Actresses, BDSM, Small Tits