Gangbang Girl 27

Mr. God
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Description: Cum Eating was the casting requirement for the ladies in this movie! Justine Romee is the sexy, steamy, slutty stripper every bachelor wishes was at his party! Aurora Snow and Kami are 2 of the sweetest, most innocent-looking stars that this series has ever featured! Thank goodness looks can be deceiving; Our 2 concession stand workers are chased through the stadium by a mob of horny janitors, until finally they accept the inevitable and treat the crew to a f**kfest extraordinaire, cum-swapping abounds. WARNING: If you might be offended by cum eating, cock sucking sluts, then don't watch this movie! Enjoy!

Actors: Aurora Snow, Justine Romee, Kami

Director: Christopher Alexander

Studio: Anabolic Video

Release date: 9 September 2001

Categories: Orgies, Anal Sex