Foreign Affairs

Mr. God
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Description: Roommates Sinn and Madison seem to have made the perfect choice when they decide to make some extra money by renting the empty bedroom to foreign students Anastasia and Victoria. The passion it awakes in them is just the beginning of the intense and intimate moments to come with their new guests. Other roommate Amber is also more than enthusiastic to share the household with her new foreign playmates. Foreign Affairs brings together 5 real life lesbians in a natural and romantic setting with countless kissing and love-making encounters full of real and intense orgasms. No one is left out in this international tale of lesbian erotica. The women are hungry for each other, the kissing is intense, and the pleasures are shared.

Actors: Amber, Anastasia Pierce, Madison Young, Sinn Sage, Victoria Sin

Studio: Abigail Productions

Release date: 6 June 2007

Categories: Lesbians