Sexual Fantasies 6

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Description: Sometimes the only way to describe your fantasy, is to write it out yourself. Kyler Quinn, a struggling writer, finds herself in the perfect position to construct a wonderful world of fantasy and desire —is it a dream or is it real? Watch and find out. Aubree Valentine loves to be tied up but not tied down. She thrives on the thrill of not knowing who will show up to take her or even when she’ll be taken. She sets up a weekly time and location on a message board for other deviants and then waits (while tied up) for one of them to show up and use her however they see fit. Sometimes they take her right away, sometimes they make her wait while they watch her or even ignore her until she’s practically writhing with impatience. And then, and only then, just when she can’t take it anymore, they take her. Demi Sutra and Quinton James are just roommates and nothing sexual has ever happened between them before but when Demi finds herself hungry for a good pounding after a sexy masturbation session, who’s more convenient than the hot boy in the house? Her timing couldn’t be more perfect when she interrupts Quinton’s own stroke session to ride that hard cock with her pretty pussy. Abella and Ricky have always been in love but it hasn’t been easy. Sexy Abella has recently become engaged to another man in order to please her parents –but Ricky isn’t going to stand for it, he knows they are meant to be together! After trying to get a hold of her, Ricky finally shows up at Abella's house to confront her –a fiery argument ensues until the two can’t take it anymore.They embrace in a passionate kiss and make-up by engaging in some truly carnal acts! Quinton is on the run from some very bad people; he’s stolen a bag of money, has his hands bound together, and has no idea where he is! Quinton runs until he finds a house to hide behind. Amazing Evelyn is in her backyard, relaxing, when Quinton shows up and hides behind her house. This might seem scary but it’s actually perfect timing… devious Evelyn was just getting bored and she could use something to spice up her afternoon!

Actors: Abella Danger, Aubree Valentine, Demi Sutra, Evelyn Claire, Kyler Quinn

Studio: Babes

Release date: 12 November 2021

Categories: Small Tits