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Mr. God
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Description: SCARLETT MAE - Ride Share Impropriety: The officer of a free ride and a free ride on a cock is too appealing for young Scarlett to turn down. Lucky for us our hidden camera was rolling! PARIS WHITE - Gymnastics Doctor Sex Scandal: When a young gymnast hurts her arm, she's shocked when the doctor insists on a full body exam, but when it feels this good, she doesn't mind. ABBY ADAMS - College Admissions Shocker: Looking to get admitted to college at any cost. Abby agrees to preform 'certain favors' for the soccer coach in return for recruitment. VERA KING - Realtor Pricing Scheme: A fake realtor offers discount pricing in exchange for sex. Vera, not realizing that it's a con, goes all in and the whole thing is captured on a nanny cam!

Actors: Abby Adams, Paris White, Scarlett Mae, Vera King

Studio: BANG!

Release date: 24 September 2019

Categories: All Sex, Teenagers 18+