Black Is Better 5

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Description: Valentina Nappi - Right there in the kitchen. Valentina got on her knees and unzipped Stallion's pants, admiring his big black cock in wide-eyed wonder before she began to suck him off. After working Stallion to a horny froth with dick worship, Valentina bent over the counter to take him from behind, and moaned with pleasure at every powerful thrust!Sara Luv - When he came home to find Sara Luv masturbating on his sofa while staring at an autographed portrait of him, Stallion kicked her out. But when it occurred to him how much fun he might be missing out on, Stallion opened the door and invited Sara in to see what kind of dick worship she had in mind. Stallion took her to the couch where she swallowed as much of his cock as she could, then climbed on to ride him to the height of an intense orgasm.Julia Roca - Putting a blindfold over her eyes, Stallion led Julia up the stairs to his gorgeous Costa Rican villa, where they raced to bed to see where their mutual lust took them. Back in his room, Julia got both hand and her mouth on Stallion's big black cock, making as much of it disappear down her throat as she could. After getting her pussy eaten, Julia took Stallion deep inside for a hot afternoon fuck that fulfilled her every naughty vacation sex fantasy!Anna DeVille - Anna crept upstairs to see if she could entice Jax into fucking her, and found him undressing in the bedroom. After feasting her eyes on his muscular body, Anna made her move and convinced Jax she wanted him to fuck her on the spot. Jax offered up his hard-on for Anna to suck on, tapping the back of her throat as she gagged on its length. Then he thrust his dick deep inside her, making her cum again and again as she enjoyed her first ever big black cock!Gina Valentina - Little did he know that when she tripped over her carpet and fell into him, it was all just a clever ruse to get close. All thoughts of her boyfriend faded as she kissed down his rock-hard abs to his equally firm big black cock. Awestruck by its size, Gina worshiped every turgid inch, sucking and fucking him to a deep, powerful orgasm, the like of which she had never before experienced and wouldn't soon again.

Actors: Sara Luvv, Valentina Nappi, Julia Roca, Gina Valentina, Anna De Ville

Studio: Babes

Release date: 8 августа 2017

Categories: Big Cocks, Teenagers 18 +