Army Sluts On Patrol

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Description: Her parents thought their little eighteen year old would be spending her days scrubbing the floor, completing obstacle courses, and being called a maggot, but instead, they're spreading their legs and giving hot sloppy blowjobs to all the dudes they can. All that muscle and sweat makes these insatiable teenagers drip with anticipation and practically crawl around looking for someone to bone them, and you can see what its all about in Army Sluts On Patrol. Zoe will go home with a whole new attitude, because she spent her mornings doing pushups and other activities for her master. He loves getting sucked off by nasty girls like her that get sent to the school at only eighteen years old, and he has his own way of straightening them out and directing them towards what's important in life, like swallowing loads! Niki Crimson and Vyxen Steel never thought coming to military school would be such a good time, but these lucky bunkers were made for each other. One is blonde while they other is a dark brunette, and together they make nasty movies involving their hungry holes and some of their favorite toys in Army Sluts On Patrol. Dolly Princess is proud to be in the military at only eighteen years old, and she makes sure everybody knows about it. There's a bald sergeant who likes to have his way with her in the gym once all the men have started their morning jog, and his day starts with a blowjob. Then she stick his face into her pussy and lets him get a good whiff of it.

Studio: Pegas Productions

Release date: 25 января 2018

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