Russian Institute 27: Pool Party

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Description: A TRUE INVITATION TO PLEASURE - The famous Russian Institute is known for providing young women from the local bourgeoisie with the best possible education. To do so, they must carefully follow all the courses that are given to them. In addition to the classic program for which their parents pay a fortune, female students can benefit from more specific courses that allow them to obtain better grades quite easily. The management understands that students cannot remain locked up in classrooms all year round and need to relax outside of the institute's premises. The blonde Zazie Skymm and her boyfriend Nikki Nuttz are determined to take advantage of the free time they are given before the exams start again. They have isolated themselves in one of the dormitories of the institute to have a good time. As the boys and girls are rarely in contact during the classes, they are determined to make up for lost time. It has been a long time since the young woman, an anal sex adept, had not offered her anus to her partner. What is better than a 100% anal reunion to start the day? If only the couple knew that two spectators had attended their frolics. To their great surprise, Cherry Kiss, one of the institute's teachers, came in person to give them invitations to the ultra-private pool party she organizes every year in her sumptuous villa. On the program, cocktails, swimming pool and of course, many sexual encounters. A WELL-DESERVED MOMENT OF RELAXATION FOR THE GIRLS OF THE RUSSIAN INSTITUTE - Upon their arrival, the three young women discover that the teachers, who are usually so uptight during classes, let loose completely once they leave the imposing building. Alyssa Reece, Totti and Vince Karter, three of the newest members of the teaching staff seem to have taken the time to get to know each other better. After quickly taking matters into her own hands and mouth, Alyssa offers her anus and desire-soaked sex to her two partners of the day. They were aware of her reputation as a woman who is very focused on sex, but it's a whole other thing to be able to enjoy it in such ideal conditions. While everyone is having fun in or around the pool, couples are forming and bodies are getting closer. While Tiffany Tatum and Raul Costa French kiss in the water, Cherry Kiss, Veronia Leal and Alya Stark find themselves a little apart to get to know each other better. It must be said that without their strict uniforms, the naked bodies of these young women have enough to arouse desire. Taking advantage of the atmosphere, the three young women decide to get to know each other better in an exciting lesbian trio. They would be crazy not to take advantage of the perfect bodies that are offered to them without any limits. THE VILLA OF ALL PLEASURES - For their part, Tiffany and Raul moved away to enjoy the sumptuous garden of the property. Already very excited by the fiery kisses in the pool, the young couple soon moved on to much more serious things. Settled in a quiet corner, they can now give free rein to all their fantasies and desires. While some couples are having sex, they are determined to make love passionately to make the most of the time they are given. After long hours spent sunbathing by the pool, Zazie decides to go and rest for a moment on one of the terraces of the villa, a little removed from the party. She is quickly joined by Cherry, a little disappointed that she hasn't yet been able to enjoy the charms of the young woman. The latter, rather flattered, cannot refuse this opportunity given to her by such an experienced woman. Just when they thought they were having a special girls' time, they are joined by Nikki. What man could resist such a show and the bodies of two such exciting women? This improvised threesome was undoubtedly the best way to end this relaxing day before going back to studying. Chances are, more opportunities to have fun will soon present themselves.

Actors: Alya Stark, Alyssa Reece, Cherry Kiss, Nikki Nuttz, Raul Costa, Tiffany Tatum, Totti, Veronica Leal, Vince Carter, Zazie Skymm

Director: Franck Vicomte

Studio: Marc Dorcel

Release date: 18 January 2021

Categories: French Porn, Feature Films, Teenagers 18+