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Description: When witches Riley and Emily start terrorizing their classmates, student/paranormal investigator Kristen Scott is called in to stop them. Armed with a cross, holy water, and a circle of salt, Kristen tries to take on the demons that the witches summon but struggles. To put an end to it, she's going to have to go into the witches? den, but what will it take to stop them? "Paranormal investigator Kristen Scott gets a frantic video call from Naomi saying that her roommate Adriana has been possessed. Will Kristen be able to exorcise the demon? "Fresh out of her exorcism, Kristen tells Naomi that Adriana should be fine, she just needs rest. As Naomi is overcome with a sensation she?'s never felt before she asks Kristen for help, this is more than she signed up for. "When Kristen gets back home from Naomi?'s she finds her roommate Alina outside and scared. Alina tells her that there?'s a ghost inside so the two go to investigate further. "Kristen vows to put an end to the witchcraft that Riley and Emily practice so she heads over to meet them. Can Kristen get them to stop? What will she have to do?

Actors: Adriana Chechik, Alina Lopez, Emily Willis, Kristen Scott, Naomi Swann, Riley Reid

Director: Alan X

Studio: GirlGirl

Release date: 16 March 2020

Categories: Feature Films, Teenagers 18+, Lesbians, Small Tits

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