The Rides Of The West

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Alter name: Les Chevauchees De l'Ouest

Description: Phil celebrates his birthday with all his friends. It's a boozy and very happy evening ahead! Only, as usual, the good man plays bad luck and ends up falling and falling into the pool ... This mishap will then make him travel in his deepest fantasies, and he finds himself transported to a village in the Far West where the carnal pleasures are key words. Between girls of little virtue, pistol duels and wild parties in the saloon in very good company, Phil will not soon forget his hellish adventure in the Wild West ...

Actors: Carollina Cherry, Cassie Del Isla, Clara Mia, Dorian Del Isla, Mike Hilton, Phil Hollyday, Rachel Adjani

Director: Luka, Ludovic Dekan

Studio: Jacquie Et Michel Elite

Release date: 1 May 2021

Categories: All Sex