Ultimate Surrender: Milf Penny Barber Does An Erotic Wrestling Match With Lisa Tiffian

Mr. God
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Description: Because we had a rookie cup tournament, some of the matches had to be shot out of order to accommodate our update schedule. This is one of Lisa's First matches ever and she's going up against our finest vets, the Big tittied, mouth Milf we all love to hate, Penny Barber. These girls clash hard on the mats. There is a lot of power in both their legs, and much damage to be done with their huge tits flying around everywhere. The Winner takes the loser's ass and pussy as a prize. The tits are tied up and the loser is made to acknowledge they are a failure to all their fans.

Actors: Lisa Tiffian, Penny Barber

Categories: BDSM, Ebony, Lesbians, Fetish, Anal Sex