Sex In Jeans 2

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Description: Sindrive presents "Sex In Jeans 2", a unique adult feature in that the porn stars are still mostly dressed during their sexy encounters. Sometimes the pressure of being fully naked inhibits the raw passion you're feeling. It makes you self-conscious, or it takes away from the immediacy you feel to get it on, right now! Here's a film that fulfills both that raw animal magnetism, and the need for genuine enjoyment without the feeling of exposure. Get wet and tear into that pussy! Cecilia De Lys and Amel Annoga star in this hot threesome! The girls are partying with their boss, and they all decide to jump into the hot tub- fully clothed, but having fun! When the sexual tension gets to be too much, he tears open the crotch of their jeans to get into these fine babes as urgently as possible. The simple stimulation of cock in pussy, without any of the additional intimacy, makes the event fun for all, without all that messy emotional attachment stuff. Sex for the sake of sex, and nothing more! How refreshing! Gina Gerson and Sicilia are two hot blonde lesbians looking to buy a soaker tub for their place. They've arranged for a demo, and the sales guy lets them slip into a filled basin. "Do you want to see how much more you can have, in a tub like this?" He whips out his thick, pulsing cock, and the girls go nuts over it! Ripping open each other's pants, the three take turns exploring in this couple's first bisexual threesome! Subil Arch is waiting for the guy she's been flirting with online to show up for their first date. They've been flirting and sexting like mad, and have often spoken of ripping each other's clothes off because they're so horny! When he shows up after work, Subil and her new lover literally rip one another's clothes open just to quench their raw, animal desire for the other. Who cares if they're in a public park? It's mating season!

Actors: Amel Annoga, Cecilia De Lys, Gina Gerson, Sicilia, Subil Arch

Studio: Sindrive

Release date: 31 марта 2017

Categories: Fetishists, Teenagers 18 +, Orgies, Anal Sex