Kemaco 35

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Description: Kemaco #35 is enough to make all the ladies behave like the sex-starved nymphs they really were all along deep down inside. For so many women, getting their inhibitions to leave them alone isn't easy, but once that wall is breached, the passion that pours out is explosive! Claudia has the big tits men crave, and her neighbors have the big dicks she craves. What could be more fair than a simple arrangement where they get to stuff her holes from both ends if they feel like it... and she gets to have her holes stuffed from both ends if they feel like it? Skinny Beata Undine is model chic. That because she sticks to a rigid diet, and when we stay sticks we mean it literally. All that sticky protein is served up for her one load at a time by her nutritionist and his buddies. She's just thankful she found a way to get Kemeco #35 and have her insurance company pay for it all! Can two girls share a serving of Kemeco #35? Sure they can, but you have to be sure you are providing enough for both of them. That's why Nicole Wonder and Regina Ice insist that when one of their boyfriends cums over to fuck, he always brings a friend to fill the mouth of the other roommate. It's only fair.... Stable girl Jituska grew up on a farm surrounded by horny men who had worked up an appetite for her tight pussy. Here she shows off a reenactment of the first time she decided to take on an interracial threeway with both dudes pumping her for all she is worth. It's a DP outdoor extravaganza!

Actors: Beata Undine, Claudia, Jituska, Nicole Wonder, Regina Ice

Studio: Bang Kemaco

Release date: 28 сентября 2017

Categories: Anal Sex, Orgies