Kemaco 21

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Description: Bang! Kemaco gives you the inside scoop of how porn starlets play when they go on vacation! Volume 21 features Dias Dos Santos, Roxy Panther, Jessica Baya and Lauryn May as they discover more than just an island oasis - but the sex play capital of the seas! All these men, and three holes to satisfy them with! Lauryn May knows what she wants, and has the money to buy all the pleasures she craves! She gets three guys to show up thinking they're applying to be her new groundskeepers of security guards, they're in for a treat when part of the interview gets all three of their hard cocks in Lauryn's holes, double penetrating her ass and pussy, so she can see how they work as a team! Jessica Baya can't take her eyes off the captain of the boat. His long lean body promises to give her a good ride of another kind, and Jessica strips out of her bikini and starts sucking his cock. She loves the creamy taste of his precum, so she stays on her hands and knees to give him access to her ass! her bubble-butt takes a rough fucking, and once she's cum, she's ready to swallow his! Roxy Panther was thinking about going out to hit the beach, but when she remembers she's got three naked guys in her bedroom, and recalling all the naughty play they shared last night, Roxy's right there horny as hell and wanting a repeat. She mouths each of their cocks before opening her pussy and ass to get a massive double penetration, and all the cum she can eat! Dias Dos Santos and her redheaded girlfriend are exploring the jungle when they come across three hot dudes doing the same thing. They're all hot and sweaty, and start stripping so they can cool off. But the action only gets hotter when they start a sexy five-way, swapping cocks and getting their thirsty mouths full of cum!

Studio: Bang Kemaco

Release date: 23 декабря 2017

Categories: Orgies, Anal Sex